Digital Medicine: What is it?

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What is Digital Medicine ?

Digitalisation has allowed every sector to step up and is still accelerating. Health is no exception. Digital Health, Digital Therapeutics, Digital Medicine, digital solution categories are numerous and not clear to everyone. Today we focus on Digital Medicine.

Digital Medicine : meaning

As the name implies, Digital Medicine relies on technology in the field of human health. It is not restricted to one aspect of medical practice, it can support intervention, treatment, measurement but also prevention. The means are also as broad as the end. Digital Medicine relies on hardware as well as software. In other words, digital medicine is the intersection between technology and healthcare in the broad sense.

What are the challenges of digital medicine ?

The medical data flow is immense and has to be exploited in order to progress our medical system. Software is making a difference in this process and combined with well-concepted hardware, the field of digital medicine is undoubtedly part of the solution. Digital Medicine is complex as it can be a standalone solution but also come in support with therapeutics, biology, or devices to improve the patient’s experience and broaden the practitioner’s possibilities.

How does digital medicine differ from other digital health terminology ?

The difference lies in the level of evidence. While digital health designates a broader range of solutions digital medicine requires clinical evidence to qualify as such. Among digital medicine certain product present a higher degree of risk. The bigger the risk the more proof and regulatory oversight has to be observed.

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There are infinite possibilities on how Digital Medicine can evolve and accelerate healthcare. Measurement products, digital therapeutics, connected implantables can help in every stage of the patient’s pathway.

Many obstacles remain and more will come as we may need to frame innovative solution that we have not yet invented.

MEDigIT will bring a unique setting to the players of the field and foster partnerships to shape the future of healthcare.

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