Are you a digital health entrepreneur seeking a project? Or do you have projects in need of a CEO?


As talented CEOs are frequently sought-after by many players in the Digital Health industry, the Project – CEO matchmaking activity aims to connect representatives of emerging start-ups, technology transfer offices, incubators and investing networks with CEOs and aspiring CEOs.

Find the perfect match:
• Any incubator, technology transfer entity or scientific founder looking for an entrepreneur to lead their start-up project is welcome at MEDigIT and in particular at the matchmaking activity between projects and CEOs.
You will be visible on the partnering platform, to be contacted by potential CEOs.

• If you are a Digital Health entrepreneur looking for a project to get involved in, projects looking for a CEO will be visible on the platform and easily identifiable.

Get inspired: 

Having the right team is essential for the development of a Digital Health project or start-up. The Project – CEO matchmaking activity also offers a conference session to get inspired and explore the best ways to find the right talent for a successful project.

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Day 2 – Wednesday, December 4th, 2024 | 2.00 – 3.00 pm


The path to becoming a successful CEO: Tips to wanabee founders


For emerging startups in the healthcare industry, the journey to success begins with effective leadership. This session will feature MedTech and Biotech CEOs, sharing their journey and insights for aspiring founders seeking to navigate the challenges of startup leadership.

What are the essential qualities and skills for effective startup leadership? How to ensure founders are “business ready”, especially when coming from academia? How to build the right team that will convince investors? How to work with your board and as them as proper advisors? What are the strategies for attracting and retaining top talents?


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